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Volume and surface

Volume or surface.

Most of the techniques that fashion and architecture share are applied in volume or facade, or in both of them. In this editorial , we examine monumental buildings of modern architecture that the shape of their volume became a staple, and other buildings that stand out due to their exceptional facades.

Completely contrasting the strict Manhattan city grid, the organic curves of the Guggenheim Museum in New York – designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright between 1943 until it opened to the public in 1959 – made it a building unlike any other museum in the world at that time. Respectively, the table dress designed by Hussein Chalayan – i.e. a lifted-up table tranfromed into a wooden skirt – made many to wonder: “What has all this to do with clothes?”.

The other case is the the Contemporary Art Museum in Niteroi, Brazil, which is popularly called the Saucer Shaped Museum. The building structure was completed in 1996 and was designed by famous Brazilian architect, Oscar Neimeyer and engineer Bruno Contarini. As for fashion, the avant-garde designers Viktor and Rolf in an extraordinary show in Spring 2010 presented afrock sliced in half with a good six inches between the top and a bottom that seemed to defy gravity.

When it comes to surface, buildings beacame distinct to the different treatment of their facade on typical builfing form. The Manuel Gea Gonzalez Hospital in Mexico designed by Elegant Embellishment Studio is a charactiristic example in an otherwise indifferent ‘hospital architecture’. A patterned laser cut top design in Thom Browne Spring 2014 collection reminds of this facade.

Last but not least, the twisting fabric elements of King Fahad National Library facade in Riyadh designed by Gerber Architekten play also an environmental role. The similar twisting sense gives the Kirigami coat by Alexandra Verschueren in 2009, created by folded and cut fabric. These kind of similarities are often found in details of architectural elements and fashion designs.



Shaping (volume)

Architecture: Guggenheim Museum, New York _ Frank Lloyd Wright

Fashion: Table Dress _ Hussein Chalayan AW2000

Pattern (surface)

Architecture: Manuel Gea Gonzalez Hospital, Mexico _ Elegant Embellishment Studio

Fashion: Thom Browne Spring 2014

Twisting – folded and cut fabric (surface)

Architecture: King Fahad National Library Riyadh _ Gerber Architekten

Fashion: Kirigami coat and dress _ Alexandra Verschueren – Antwerp2009

Shaping (volume)

Architecture: Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum, Rio de Janeiro _ Oscar Niemeyer

Fashion: Viktor&Rolf Spring 2010

Draping (volume)

Architectural detail

Fashion: Dion Lee Spring2016

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