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May, a transitional month. Not yet summer but not also winter, styling perceptions are coming from different directions….

Shifting colors and undulating planes.

The Site of Reversible Destiny in Japan is a construction of undulating planes, shifting colors and disorienting spaces, designed by Shusaka Arakawa and Madeline Gins and built in 1995.  Every angle of this park brings a new perspective — you can find sofas built into the roof, or mattresses split in half by curving walls, but somehow, this space feels eccentrically perfect. In the same philosophy, Marni SS16 collection is composed by Lego colors in layered planes of different fabric and shape.

Draping the metallics.

Draping is a mainly fashion technique that is applied in volume. When it comes to architecture, draping creates uneven volumes that Frank Gehry has mastered in his works. One of these is Neuer Zollhof Business Center in Duesseldorf. The stainless steel mirror-like panels surface is a staple of Gehry buildings and one of the most controversial elements. Accordingly, the metallic texture of Gaurav Gupta draped dress makes the difference.


A lot have been said about patterns in architecture or fashion, usually in printing mode.  Laser cut technique has opened new horizons in the implementation of cutting various patterns. Characteristic example Jane Bowler cholographic jacket with rectangular cuts. Rectangles is a preferable shape for architectural works either in volume or façade. In this facade in Basel, Switzerland, shot by Florian Zenk openings in different rectangular shapes create a variety.

Austerity and curves.

What to say about Le Corbusier? He is an architectural myth. One of the pioneers of modern architecture, his buildings characterized a whole era. Reinforced concrete was the material that he used more mainly in linear frameworks. Even when he used it for curves, the brutality of the material kept its austere character to his works. When it comes to fashion, curves may refer to a relaxed style, but fabric and straight lines can solemnize the dress.


‘Religious’ fashion is currently trending after the Met Gala 2018 which celebrated the ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and The Catholic Imagination’. The relationship between the Catholic church, religion, and fashion, was explored in a variety different ways from conservative to controversial. Catholic church is for one more reason up to the minute, due to the last Royal Wedding.





 Shifting colors and Undulating planes

Architecture:Site of Reversible Destiny, Japan, designed by  Shusaka Arakawa and Madeline Gins 

Fashion: Marni SS16


Draping the metallics

Architecture: Neuer Zollhof Business Center, Duesseldorf, designed by Frank Gehry Architects

Fashion: Gaurav Gupta


Pattern in skin

Architecture: Facade in Basel, Switzerland _ Photo by Florian Zenk

Fashion: Cholographic jacket by Jane Bowler


Religious (style)

Architecture: Wenstminster Abbey Church in London, UK

Fashion: GuoPei FW2018


Austerity and curves

Architecture: Unite de Habilliation in Marseille, France, designed by LeCorbusier

Fashion via @lilaclavender555



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