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Fashion, art and architecture

Fashion, Art and Architecture.

The main connection of fashion and architecture is their correlation to art. Their aesthetic part segregates them from the rest of the sciences and inserts them to the world of fine arts. There are many times when a garment or a building stands out as a piece of art, or has artistic inspiration roots. Nature played a crucial role to this situation. Most of the times when the morphology is inspired from nature forms, the result is original. Especially nowdays when digital design and construction tools overcome Euclidean geometry, the morphology either for architecture or fashion has been opened to a vast exploration. Considering these circumstances, I am persuaded that the future will be interesting for both sectors and their connection to art will be more obvious than ever.




Inspired by nature (form)

Architecture: Architectural Association canopy, London _ Emergent Technology MSc students

Fashion: Jean Louis Sabaji SS14

Inspired by nature (surface)

Architecture: Supertree Grove in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Fashion: Yulia Yanina AW13-14

Inflated (form)

Architecture: Golden Balloon Installation, Tokyo Mot 2014 _ AMID.CERO9

Fashion: Viktor and Rolf , Action Dolls Haute Couture AW17 

Undulating planes (form) and Colors (surface)

Architecture: Groninger Art Museum, Groninger Netherlands _ Philippe Starck, Alessandro Mendini, Coop Himmelb(l)au

Fashion: Xintong Tian, Parsons Thesis 2018

Folds (form) and Mesh (surface)

Architecture: Naoshima Pavillion, Naoshima Japan _ Sou Fujimoto

Fashion: via Pinterest

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