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Editorial #04

It’s been quite long time but FormFollowsFashion editorials are back full of energy to explore more and more techniques that architecture and fashion are sharing!! This time most of the techniques are already known, however the examples are quite interesting. New entries are interiors which have common characteristics with fashion projects not only in structure but also in style!!

Textile layering on the ceiling of Hilton Pattaya in Thailand gives a curved effect that creates a relaxed and romantic atmosphere in the otherwise clean design of its interiors. The lace dress of the Greek designer Christos Costarellos on the other hand has a rather romantic style because of the specific textile, however the layering technique is distinctive on its skirt.

When an attire takes the form of the tower, this is the result. Dymaxion Sleeping came up with a quite pioneering concept, a sleeping suit that takes the form of the human body in any posture. Created by mesh, it refers to buildings as Carbon Tower designed by Peter Testa which shows a flexibility not only due to their structure but also due to their material.

There is not yet a FormFollowsFashion editorial without pleats, and not unfair since pleating is the most used technique by both sectors. Thus, its use in buildings and attires takes a quite different application each time. Stella McCartney SS16 pleated catwalk look comes along with the ‘airy’ pleated partition in the Zense Restaurant designed by the Department of Architecture.

Staying in Zense Restaurant, an other impressive point of its design is the ceiling made of metallic rods. On the other side, the dress by IrisVanHerpen for the ManusXMachina Exhibition is made of feathery rods, but creates the same ‘mysterious’ feeling.

Last but not least, curves. This time curving is not applied in the whole form but in smaller elements and details respectively.

I hope you enjoyed FFF editorials comeback! Please feel free to comment!!




Architecture: Hilton Pattaya in Thailand designed by Department of Architecture

Fashion: Christos Costarellos Resort 2018

Structural Mesh

Architecture: CarbonTower designed by Testa & Weiser (unbuilt 2001-2004)

Fashion: Sleeping Suit by Dymaxion Sleeping

Pleats in skin

Architecture: Zense Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, designed by Department of Architecture

Fashion: Stella McCartney SS16

Rods (elements) in skin

Architecture: Zense Restaurant, Bangkok Thailand _ Department of Architecture

Fashion: Iris Van Herpen ( ManusXMachina exhibition)

Curves in skin

Architecture: Sports Architecture (unbuilt)

Fashion: Stephane Rolland


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