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Unconventional clutch bags

What about Charlotte Olympia special clutch bags?!

Well, I love them because of their unconventional character. They make a statement and yes they are an inspiration source.

charlotte-olympia-clutch bags
Charlotte Olympia clutch bags

However, sometimes their price can stop you from buying them. So, I would like to show you some economical solutions for outstanding clutches. The first one, is Paparazzi hard clutch which is like a magazine and you can find it in many colours and designs in internet. Every time I held it, everyone asked me why I have a magazine with me….. and when I came back from London in Greece, like 5 years ago, I brought some of them for friends who were excited!

paparazzi-clutch bags
Paparazzi hard clutch bag

The other solution is the all time classic Zara stuff. This leopard box clutch was love at first sight and I am sure that you can find the same or other similar bags there in very good prices.

zara-leopard-clutch bags
Zara box clutch bag

Any other ideas??


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