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The new sneakers

Recently I have read that it is not anymore about what is new in fashion but of how you wear them all. That’s true. Fashion recycles itself with some new touches, so while we have seen almost everything the challenge is to reinvent trends and combine them in different ways.

One of these trends is the new sneakers!! Yes, our beloved sneakers!!! I used to wear them in school. But now, you can wear it with everything. My best summer buy was a powder pink satin pair of wedge sneakers.


max mara new sneakers
Rose satin wedge sneakers


Silk blouse and skirt, wedge sneakers, fabric clutch bag
(photo: Nikolas Tzaras)

Sneakers remain a hot season trend. I have picked some from a quick internet market research. Wedged for a sport chic look…..

wedge new sneakers

skate new sneakers

…………or slip-on sneakers of different color or material – leather, lace, velvet, canvas – which I feel will replace the classic All-stars.

xxx Vic



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