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Summertime in New York is….Kate Spade

The invitation wrote………….”Deciding that vacation is a state of mind”! What for a better motto than this of Kate Spade Summer 2016 campaign. In an event at the brand’s store in Dubai we had the chance to smell the summer if we are still in the city. With fruits, colors and funky design, Kate Spade accessories and especially bags caught my eye. Choose yours….



kate spade-me

kate spade-bag selection

kate spade-bag4

kate spade-bag5

kate spade -accessories

kate spade-bag3

kate spade-bag2

kate spade - bag1

kate spade-bracelets

kate spade-clothes

kate spade-bananas

kate spade-lighting

kate spade store-dubai mall

Kate Spade Summer 2016 Dubai

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