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Summer-winter bag edition

As we have already said bag is one of the most important accessories since it accompanies us in our everyday life activities, from work to night-out, winter or summer. Most of us have some day bags that suit us and we don’t want to change them. I also have some favorite pieces and in order not to leave them, I managed to find the same bag type in winter and summer edition. In some cases the material changes – from leather in winter to fabric in summer – while in other cases only the color gets lighter, more intense or with prints.

westwood-maxmara bag

The printed cotton bag is perfect for summer looks while the leather one suits to everything while makes ‘winter white’ the hottest color.

sisley-furla bag

Medium hobos with pockets are suitable for everyday – day to night.  The khaki leather one suits to everything during winter while the logo green -silver fabric one is the summer edition.

armani-zara bag

The duplex coral – gold (both hot summer colors) bag accompanies me on shopping, to the gym or the beach.  The bright burgundy leather one becomes also my favorite shopping tote or work bag during winter.



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