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Scarf styling

Scarf has always been for me the most multifunctional accessory which updates any attire. Today I decided to collect 5+1 ways I prefer to style a scarf for different occasions. Not to mention that even Fashion Weeks are not over yet, the catwalk star for this season as shown in many fashion houses is the scarf. A little guide how to wear them in various ways follow.

I’m no beauty pro, but there are certain trends that really stand out to me and I absolutely love the boho festival vibe of wearing a scarf around your head or pleated through your hair. For sure it can save you from a bad hair day!

tate head scarf

Wrap it around your bag! Even if you carry an it-bag, a scarf can give a more personal tone to your favourite arm candy…



Wrap it around your hat as seen in fashion blogger Yanallure (check out her style)! This is one of my favorite ways to give extra style points to your hat.


Wrap it around your hand for an edgy look! It’s an easy way to accessorise with a silk scarf…


Wear it as a belt and give a different twist to your casual and formal outfits. Basically anything you can belt can work with a silk scarf instead!


If you don’t find yourself in any previous case, for sure the classic way to wear the scarf around the neck is for you. Dress up a roll neck or a simple tee with a silky bright note, tie it and tuck it into a shirt. But keep it cool and relaxed and not too precious. Just play with the tying to adapt it in your look!!


laltramoda scarf-zolotas pendant



Let me know what you think in the comment box below, is there another way you can think of wearing a scarf? What do you think? How would you style it?


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