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SauceLoves Tropical

One more day spent in SauceOnSea Dubai….being in summer mood but still in my base, this time I went tropical!! All these flowers and birds that travelling us in tropical places depicted just in one dress. My only problem I couldn’t decide on the hat….

Sauce tropical -pink hat1

Sauce tropical -pink hat2

Sauce tropical -pink hat3

Sauce bag-bracelets

Sauce florar - back hat2

Sauce floral-back hat1

Sauce floral - back hat3

Fridge sauce

Sauce-floral dress3

Sauce-floral dress1

(photos: @MyFashionDXB)

An accessory could totally change an outfit! For this exotic dress I would go for a hat but which one do you prefer?? Pom-pom or flowers??

Thank you SauceOnSea for hosting me!!



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