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Routine workwear

Routine routine routine!

There are some days in the office that that they only can be described as routine!! Most of those days, I want just to wear anything without thinking of it and go to work. But the question is what to choose except of sportswear??!

One solution is pants – in this case an orange one –with the typical white shirt and a green sweater (an old one!!). The orange-green color combination seems interesting for this ‘college’ style, paired to burgundy booties. I have been walking in these booties for long this winter…and I have worn them with almost everything (I think the color is passpartout)!




shirt & sweater: Benetton – pants: MaxMara – shoes: Maloles

For the next day, I went a bit sporty! Laser-cut skirt over leather leggings, paired to metallic sneakers was my outfit. Again, a knitted vintage sweater ( a very very old handmade one this time!) embellished with a necklace completed the look.





sweater: vintage – skirt: Zara – leggings: Calzedonia – shoes: Zara – necklace: Evi Tzafetta

So, a sweater may give the solution to your everyday office style…it worked for me!! Stay tuned for more routine workwear!!!


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