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Roger Vivier #RVIconsConnected

The famous french brand organised a special event for the presentation of its iconic shoes and the new collection #RVIconsConnected in Dubai Mall and FormFollowsFashion was there. Enjoy!

Roger Vivier -Dj

Fancy music

Roger Vivier - fashion crowd

Fashion Crowd

Roger Vivier-event

Victoria Lytras and Yana Andreeva

Roger Vivier_flowers

Staple flower decoration

Roger Vivier-1

Roger Vivier-2

Roger Vivier-9

Roger Vivier-4

Roger Vivier-probe

Roger Vivier-3

Roger Vivier-6

Roger Vivier-7

Roger Vivier-8

Roger Vivier-5

Roger Vivier iconic shoes and new collection

More fashion news and events coming soon…


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