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Reshape furs

As I have already told you I love changing things. Do you remember the leftovers of the black fur I have added to my boots? I have found what to do with them and here it is. Added to a white furry collar, the bi-color – trend especially in accessories – fur piece makes the difference. Worn with casual clothes as an accessory, it can update winter everyday outfits!



Black furry leftovers


Black and white made bi-color fur piece

Another trend that we are going to keep also during spring is the fur bag. Instead of buying a new one, what I have thought was to combine a bag that I have never worn with this fancy fur piece into a fur bag that can update all my black outfits and not only them…It is very easy to make it-you just glue the fur to the bag! I have also some leftovers….I’ll see what to do with them!



Bag and fur piece



Fur bag



Updating total black looks

The next change that I totally loved, was also the most simple to do. Join two fur pieces of hot winter colors – magenta and emerald – in one and wear it as blouse!! Very impressive and here worn with a magenta Westwood skirt.



Two colorful fur pieces





Fur blouse made of two connected fur pieces

Another change was to combine again two different -this time- in shape,color and texture fur pieces in one and update my total jeans look with this leopard collar.  For this alteration, the pieces need to be sewed.



Different fur kinds



Leopard fur collar

Finally, if you want to lengthen anything –  a blouse, a skirt, a coat- in this case a curly vest, you add a fur collar as ‘belt’ (needed to be sewed) and play with colors and textures! Don’t forget bi-color is a huge trend in anything…Black and white is another trend which we’ll see extensively in another post.




Curly vest and fur collar



Black and white lengthy vest

(photos: Nikolaos Tzaras)


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