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The new length – pants

Hello there! The weather in Greece is going crazy these days…and sometimes even if summer is almost here you need a jacket! In any case, the new length trend in pants is suitable for this season and not only! You can wear it with a tee or a shirt and blazer in cold days. And as I have told you before, you don’t need to buy new pants in order to be in fashion! Just shorten your old stuff, as I have done last year with a very old pair of trousers! Yet, I combine it either with a light blue shirt and leather clogs or with a white tee and metallic sliders!



 Baggy shortened pants

The other one is old cropped to a mid-claf length pants that I have never worn the last four years, but now is the time. Combined to white tee and added collar or to shirt and blazer for an office look! Don’t forget your pumps! And here it is…



Cropped wide-leg pants

(photos: Nikolaos Tzaras)


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