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The new length – modify your clothes!!

As I have told you before, you don’t need to buy new clothes to be in fashion!! For sure you have clothes that you don’t wear any more because they are old fashioned….That’s what I also do! The solution is just to modify them and what I propose for the new season is the new length…very easy to do it!

I had this A-line taffeta black short dress for over 10 years! I haven’t worn it the last 8 years!So  what I have done is to convert it into skirt just below the knee – hot length for this season- and combine it with a simple cropped oversized top and pointed heels for a fashionable result.

Short taffeta black dress

Dress converted to skirt

Skirt below the knee, cropped top

Pleats is another hot trend. Three years ago I discovered my mum’s old pleated long skirts in many colors, which we’ll see extensively in another post! I decided to shorten one of them, and specifically this polka dot blue one below the knee and combine it with a striped top for ‘vintage’ look!

Polka dot long pleated skirt

Polka dot below the knee skirt, striped top

Hot detail: plexiglass heels

(photos: Nikolaos Tzaras)

Which one do you prefer? Have you ever done something similar?


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