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Milan SS2015 fashion news

Milan fashion news!! Trends from the ultimate fashion city!

You already know that I have my spies in Milan! This time a friend on a trip has spied shop windows and here there are the predominant trends for spring-summer2015!

milan fashion news-jeans-spring2015

Jeans in any version!


Green, yellow, sneakers also for this season.


The whites. Wear also your hat!!


Florals. Keep in mind also the yellow-purple combination (bags on the back)

milan fashion news-pinkfruits-spring2015

Pink. Parka. Pleats. (baby pink with mint green hue is the ultimate match this season!!)

milan fashion news-suede-spring2015

Camel suede paired to white!!

milan fashion news-prints-spring2015

Mixed prints. Cloggs. Highlight: the socks!!!(love at first sight)


Keep it simple! Backpacks, brogues.

(photos: Maria Angelidi)

Special thanks to Maria Angelidi for the photoshooting!


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