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Hats in your winter style (vol.2)

As I have mentioned in my previous post, hats is a fashionable way to update your look, insomuch in winter. This time I am writing to you about hats and caps that are worn easily in everyday life or excursions, and the most of it – they keep you warm!!

What about the classic baseball cap? In this case embellished with sequins for a fancy look, it can be worn with almost everything.

Sequined baseball cap

The green wool gatsby is a knitted edition which gives color to your outfit. Combine it with a montgomery coat for contemporary college style.

Green knitted gatsby

On the other hand, all-time classics cap – monochrome with beads or multicolored – can be your everyday companion. In this case, the grey one with beads is combined with a stone-beige coat for  a neutral look while the multicolored with a purple (one of its colors) leather coat for an interesting colored look.

Sequined grey cap

Multicolored knitted cap

Finally, a fur or faux fur cap like the following one can become a fashion item that makes your outfit very very stylish! Go for the same color palette for cap and coat!

Faux fur beige cap

(Photos: Nikolaos Tzaras)

What is your favorite?


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