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Fur in details

A fur piece can be a great accessory and totally turn the most simple and commοn look in an interesting outfit. For example, an emerald fur collar can make more special your total black look.


And what about when we are bored of old clothes or accessories?? I have this jade green padded jacket almost 10 years. In first time, I have shortened it (strange you may think…) but I got bored soon. So, when I found this blue fur piece, I realized that it could be the perfect finish for the jacket. Of course, matching buttons were added and here it is…

Padded jade green jacket with added fur finish

Matching buttons added

It is also like ten years ago when I bought a pair of simple black boots, about which I changed soon my mind. So, I came up with the idea to add some fur that would alter and make them special. I bought  two black pieces and with the help of a shoe maker my boots were ready. I proved correct. And here it is…. great winter fur boots which I have worn a lot all these years.

Added fur in boots

Leftover fur pieces

Ps: Some small pieces left over and I am thinking what to do with them, maybe adding epaulettes in a blouse…or what do you think? another idea?! To be continued….

xxx Vic

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