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Embellish your coats!!

A coat can be an eye-catcher! It’s the first thing that someone observes in a winter wardrobe. Of course, the sales is the best period to invest on a quality coat that you are going to have for a long time. However, if you don’t go for a new one, there is a good way to change your old coat by embellishing it! Fur, brooches, pins is all that you need!

The story goes many many years ago when I received a gift…a red coat! It was a straight one which actually I didn’t like. What I did was to make some pleats and add a black leather belt. I wore it then for many years but I got bored again. This year, I bought a fur piece to change the belt and the result is impressive!







In the second case, I got a brooch with crystals some years before (it was Sonia Rykiel collection for H&M) but I haven’t worn it. When I start thinking of changing my coats, I thought it could be the best choice to combine it with a black one and here is the result….





Last but not least!! Pins! I love pins and I buy them with passion from museums, shops, wherever I find them! And what better than to update a classic montgomery to a fashion piece by adding pins!





(photos: Nikolaos Tzaras)

What about you? Have you ever try to embellish your coats?



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