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Cropped tops (part I)

Holiday time has come….and for sure cropped tops remain the biggest trend this summer (if we except kimono!). For me they were love at first sight and had become second skin! I have worn them with skirts, pants, shorts…everything! In this first part, my mum’s vintage pleated skirts – my marvelous discovery three years ago, she had them almost in every color!! – become the perfect match. The white one, on which I sewed a satin belt with mirrors, is teamed with a printed neoprene cropped top and high heeled sandals. Check out Clover Canyon brand for its special prints and fabrics…the neoprene is fantastic!


Cropped top – vintage pleated skirt


 Clover Canyon neoprene printed top


Michael Kors sandals

(photos: Yannis Kyriazos)

The black one is combined to a black bustier cropped top and greek leather sandals for a casual look.


Bustier cropped top – vintage pleated skirt

(photo: Nikolaos Tzaras)

More cropped tops are coming……until then enjoy your summer!!


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