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Ruffles desk

Type: Furniture

Designer: Victoria Al. Lytra

Year: 2010

Status: Realized

Ruffles desk was designed and constructed for an architectural office. Main idea of the design was dynamic transformation of architecture nowadays in a generally changing world, which is depicted on its base folding structure by creating a sense of movement. The desk is constructed of contemporary materials – metallic base and glass top. Metal is for updated technology features that architecture uses and glass makes the movement obvious while its lime color emphasizes on company’s environmental vision of architecture. Office space in generally is conceivable separated in two spaces. The working unit which includes ruffles desk and gives a dynamic sense and the waiting space which gives a more comfortable feeling with vintage style furniture. Combining old and new realizes in space its company’s special character.

Construction details: The base of the desk is constructed by three folding metal stripes (10cm wide and 2cm thick each) which are connected. Folding angles vary from 60 to 75 degrees or 105 to 120 degrees respectively. Its top is a triplex 2cm glass. Maximum dimensions are 2.80m length, 1.00m width and 0.725m height.

Office working unit

Office waiting space

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