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Dubai Design Week 2015 (vol. II)

The first edition of Dubai Design Week (DXBDW), except of Downtown Design Exhibition, was also the springboard for installations, events, talks and exhibitions from the 26th to the 31st of October in the brand new Dubai design District (d3). Some of the highlights are listed below.


Khalid Shafar _ Win, Victory, Love installation (2015)

ABWAD (“doors” in Arabic) was a series of six pavilions which were built to celebrate and showcase the work of local designers, studios and curators from six different countries from the MENASA region (Middle East – North Africa – South Asia). Six unique structures, designed by Dubai-based LOCI architects and incorporated an innovative use of sand (characteristic local material) were located to the walkways of d3. The interior of each of these six pavilions was curated by talented locals from Jordan (Arini Creative Platforms), Kuwait (Waleed Shaalan), Pakistan (Salman Jawed), Saudi Arabia (Basma and Noura Bouzo), Tunisia (Chacha Atallah) and the UAE (Mobius Design Studio). All the pavilions were united under “The Element of Play in Culture” theme and the creative direction of Rawan Kashkoush.


ABWAD pavilions in d3 by Loci Architects


Innovative use of sand


Chacha Atallah _’999′ Tunisia pavilion


Basma and Noura Bouso _’Um Tse’ Saudi Arabia pavilion

ICONIC CITIES is a new series of annual exhibitions that explore the culture and design scene of the Middle East’s urban centers. The exhibition, which was housed in one of newly Dubai Design District’s buildings was dedicated to “the Paris of the East”, namely Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. Designed and curated by designer Rana Salam, the BRILLIANT BEIRUT exhibition explored the impact of local urban dynamics in architecture and the fields of interior, graphic and product design, while touching upon present-day design education and the processes of creating cultural trends in the region.


Rana Salam _ Brilliant Beirut exhibition, ‘Iconic cities’ in Dubai design week


Sandra Macaron _ Bird Cage (2014), Brilliant Beirut


Nayef Francis design studio _ Brilliant Beirut exhibition


Rana Salam design _ Brilliant Beirut exhibition

After Design Week booming Dubai with its multicultural atmosphere reveals its potential to be an international hub for art, design and fashion. Till upcoming events stay tuned!




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