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Audiolounge *

Type: Workshop, Installation

Design Team:
Jeroen Van Ameijde, AA DPL
Umberto Bellardi Ricci, AAIR
Shinjae Bahk, Inter 9
Monika Choudhary, MSc SED
Viktoria Lytra, Msc SED
Fabrizio Mattillana, Dip2
Sanaa Shaikh, Dip 7
Ioanna Symeonidou, MSc EmTech
Yi Ling Wong, Dip 7

Thanks to: Luca Dellatorre (Arup Acoustics) & Cordek Polysterene Supplier


Location: Architectural Association Bar Installation and Exhibition, London, UK

Audiolounge was an intensive Open Week autumn workshop based in the Architectural Association’s Digital Prototyping Lab. The workshop was led by Jeroen van Ameijde and invited guests, in collaboration with Architectural Association’s Independent Radio(AAIR). Participants worked collaboratively to make an interactive piece of furniture and audio equipment, which was installed and exhibited in the AA Bar from 7 to 22 November 2008. The project involved the use of complex geometries and CNC machines to fabricate a working 1:1 prototype.

The main idea of Audiolounge was based on different sound types and the morphology these demand. Three main spaces were created – each providing a different sound experience. The sitting area provides music while the cave space interactive sound. There is also an upload station. After an intensive one day charette and a second session with guest acoustic expert from Arup, the design was evaluated in terms of various ergonomic and acoustic scenarios. Defining the positioning of speakers and seating space within the piece; the material properties for sound reverberation were also considered alongside auxiliary sound absorbing material (foam). The prototype 1:1 was fabricated of polystyrene milled by the DPL’s CNC machine.

AA Digital Prototyping Lab is a facility set up in summer 2007 in Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK – containing various rapid prototyping machines and a teaching space designed to evolve in future, keeping it up to date with the newest level tools in hardware and software technologies. Aimed at making these technologies available at all parts of the school, including the graduate programs, the lab will facilitate units which incorporate digital fabrication technologies in their brief as well as individual students. The Lab offers tutorials and short courses on how to design and prepare models for digital production, which will be coordinated with the units and other school programs. Integrated in an early stage of these programs, the introductions are intended to raise awareness of the potential of digital fabrication.

AA Independent Radio ( is the free radio station of Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK. Broadcasting music, lectures, interviews, events, poetry, crises, plays, inspirations, city guides, wild flowers, satire, love letters, travel stories, disillusionment, silence… This is the only AA student run radio. Broadcasts are contributed by current and former AA students & staff, along with everybody else interested in the pleasures of radio. We encourage you to send in your own radio shows. We like imagination. The voice. Listening. Feeling. Thinking. Laughing. Relaxing. Polishing our shoes.

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