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Synergy – Eleftheria Square 2013

Type:  Competition entry – Refurbishment of Eleftheria Square 2013

Competition team: Fluo design&architecture studio, Katerina Latta, Victoria Al. Lytra, Stefanos Papadopoulos

Organisation: Municipality of Thessaloniki

Location: Thessaloniki

Year: 2013


The main idea of the proposal for Eleftheria square has been the “Agora”, market in ancient greek, and the fact that in the beginning of the 20th century the square has been part of it, as the center of social life of citizens, without pertaining to a certain district, but as part of the widening of Venizelou str. The architectural goal was to create an open and easily accessible square that would be a living organism connecting the areas around it- that face yield strain- and upgrading them. The proposal aspires to create an area that would attract urban happenings and at the same time personal and collective behaviors and thus highlighting the multidimensional character of the city. In other words, to design a place that would create various urban experiences to the citizens, since they will review their relationship with the public space- appropriation, inhabitation, co formulation- changing the existing mentality that devalues it. The main designing idea was based to the coexistence of the elements of water, planting and urban landscape. The realization of the project would bring out harmony in the square’s public space by creating an “Urban garden” that would be the new benchmark of the city. The water element coming from the sea tends to hike towards the city and unite the square to the seaside, while at the same time the urban element descends towards the coast. The green element stretches out the square aiming to expand this norm in other areas as well, indicating the extroverted character of the proposal. The quest for a view to the sea from different visual angles with uneven elements- leaded to the adoption of a linear space that shaped an urban landscape, free form restrictions.

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