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09 Nov Grom Gelato Experience

Gelato……… be honest up to now I thought that gelato is the ice-cream in Italy but a visit in the famous Italian Grom gelateria in Dubai was enough to understand the difference. That’s why I wanted to share my experience with you.

Grom is an Italian gelato brand which is famous for its 100% natural ingredients without flavorings, colors or preservatives. The most impressive is that they produce their products in Italy and export them all over Europe and now also in Dubai, with 3 stores in Box Park, Dubai Mall and the Mall of Emirates. When I visited Grom store in Duba, I had the chance to take a blind test. I tried the same flavor of gelato and ice-cream without knowing each time what I eat, but the difference became immediately clear. The taste of gelato in contrast to ice-cream was superior and its texture refined. In addition, after testing many flavors I can say that it digests very easy and doesn’t create stomach aches or bloating. This was also the first time that I liked chocolate in iced form, indeed Dark Chocolate and Mango Sorbet were my favorite flavors. In its plus, a new flavor becomes each time the flavor of the month….so each time there is something new to try. Last but not least, in Grom coffee shops, you can also get some Italian delights and high-quality coffee.

It’s nice to treat yourself with respect and for sure quality makes the difference. Give a try and let me know about your Grom experience!













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