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Editorial #06


The definition avantgarde is used to describe anything unorthodox, daring, radical or anything relating to experimental treatment as far arts is concerned. When it comes to architecture, we don’t usually use this term, since architecture primary role is to serve humans and many restrictions are set to it. When it comes to fashion, some designers are famous for their so-called avantgarde designs since their creations are balancing between fashion and art.

A well-known fashion house for its extraordinary designs is Comme des Garcons, which includes a family of brands such as Junya Watanabe or Rei Kawabuko. Their collections become always a reason for discussion since easily can anybody detect common practices and inspiration from architecture. Techniques such as blobs (free form), folds, mesh, twist are used resulting in voluminous garments and exaggerated shapes.

Another interesting case is the designer Dion Lee, who uses pleats, twisting, mesh and other techniques but in a more modest way with focus in details.

All the practices which are discussed above are applied in volume, surface or structure, but this fact becomes more obvious in buildings due to their three dimensional substance.

Enjoy avantgarde!


Blobs (volume)

Architecture: Vanke Pavillion, Expo Milan _ Daniel Libeskind

Fashion: Comme des Garcons Autumn 2018


Folds (surface)

Architecture: Hongzhu Housing Sales Center, Taiwan _ Lab Modus

Fashion: Junya Watanabe AW2015

avantgarde 1

Mesh (structural)

Architecture: Metropol Parasol, Seville Spain _ Juergen Mayer

Fashion: Junya Watanabe AW2015


Twisting (surface)

Architecture: Liverpool department store, Mexico _ Rojkind Arquitectos

Fashion: Dion Lee Spring 2018 (Spiral Mirror Dress, Loop Lather Cuff)

Patchwork (surface)

Architecture: Santa Caterina Market, Barcelona _ EMBT Arquitectes

Fashion: Comme des Garcons Autumn 2018

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