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Editorial #02

I am so happy that the second FFF editorial is already here, introducing new tectonic strategies such as folding, twisting or even prints that bring architecture and fashion together. Briefly in the following analysis, you can find out not only the strategy each time used, but also its function and where it is applied, i.e. on surface or volume.

Prints!! Despite how many times I have worn them or referred to them as a runway trend….this is the time to meet them in architecture. Eberswalde library is a staple of surface printing in the built environment from the masters of its kind – Herzog&deMeuron.

Folding is an easily understanding technique since it is so well known from origami art. The interesting part of it is the dynamic and that introduces when used in volume.

‘Blobs’ is the latest development of architectural concept and construction, with a great potential since new techniques such as 3d printing give the freedom to create extraordinary curved forms, but Hussein Chalayan is an already prominent designer creating ‘blob’ forms in fashion.

What about twisting? Even if it is not easily met either in fashion or architecture, the results are impressive. More twisting coming soon in next FFF editorials! Stay tuned and don’t forget to enjoy!


Surface printing

Architecture: Eberswalde Library, Germany_ Herzog & deMeuron + Thomas Ruff


Volume folding

Architecture: Yokohama airport, Japan _ Foreign Office Architects

Fashion: Yuki Hagino

Volume ‘blobs’

Architecture: Eden project Cornwall, UK _ Nicholas Grimshaw

Fashion: Chalayan bubble dress SS17

Volume folding

Architecture: Klein Bottle House, Rye, Australia _ McBride Charles Ryan

Fashion: Textile_Suprematism

Volume twisting

Architecture: Yufutoku restaurant Tokyo, Japan _ Issho Architects

Fashion: IrisVanHerpen AW17

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