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Misfortune turned into inspiration

Remake clothes!!

It’s a long time ago that I had bought two skirts, a black one and a blue with coral dots. I wanted to shorten them but it turned actually into a disaster since the sewer was not really a good one and shortened them above the desired length. The situation couldn’t be reversed so I came up with an idea.
I bought some fuchsia tulle to make a furan underskirt for the blue one and here it is…

remake clothes-furan

Fuchsia furan underskirt

remake clothes-chloeskirt

Shortened polka-dots skirt with tulle underskirt



Modified skirt combined with blazer and suede booties
(photos: Nikolas Tzaras)

For the black one, I was thinking of adding some blue ruffles, since I love blue-black combination and ruffles-skirts are in fashion this time. However, in the textile shop I came across an extraordinary piece of leather. It was the perfect ringdove for my skirt.

remake clothes-leatherdetail

Extraordinary piece of leather

remake clothes-playlifeskirt

Shortened  skirt with added ringdove


remake clothes-playlifefinal

Modified skirt combined with leather jacket, creepers and metal bronze envelope bag
(photos: Nikolas Tzaras)

xxx Vic



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