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Glitter everywhere

You may have observed that glitter is almost everywhere…sparkling shoes, bags, clothing!!

So, I came with the idea to change my vintage envelope bag, which I bought in London (Camden flea market) six years ago but I had almost never worn, into a glitter one!


DIY alteration

The process was easy. All I needed was glitter (I bought different colors –silver, pink, yellow, light blue – and I mixed them), appropriate glue and a brush. After spreading glue with the brush on the bag, I dropped the gold dust all over and waited to become dry. After shaking the bag, I repeated in specific points. And here it is…a brand new fancy bag!!


Glitter materials


DIY glitter bag

Actually, you can use this technique to change whatever you want! What do you think of my new bag?!!

But it’s not only the bag. I love transformations in general. That’s why I never stop….next project: the classic old Levi’s jean jacket ( I think everyone has one!!) which was altered to a vest by cutting the sleeves! I added some brooches for a fancy result and here it is….


Old Levi’s jacket


DIY vest

So, don’t throw away old stuff or what you are bored of…just change it!


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