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Tempoworklandscape – Tempo workshop 2006

Type: Tempo International Workshop 2006

Workshop team: Naotaka Kanai, Victoria Lytra, Moritz Mittag, Tamohiko Oshidri, Fabian Scholz

Organization: Kogakuin Univeristy Tokyo, Technical University Berlin

Location: Berlin

Year: 2006

Tempo workshop’s theme is the reuse of the old industry Hall 18 in Berlin Friedrichschain to a new work environment. Our proposal for the hall is a new kind of working space with target group people who are working in the field of media business, especially print and web design and need a place to work for a short period of time. It is an offer to individuals as well as start-up companies which are still growing – or, in case of failing, shrinking. The character of these companies is more “network of freelancers” than “enterprise”. Groups usually work on temporary projects. In different periods these projects afford more or less workers and space for these workers. Working period of these freelancers is limited, so young workers will populate the courtyard. As the redesigned Hall 18 offers several services to customers, too, more people will come just to use an internet-cafe, coffee-shop and photocopy store. Together with the climbing area and the quiet environment, an attractive place for work and leisure is created.



Configuration development


Interactive movements

Concept: Our objective is to create an artificial landscape in the building. The landscape continues also outside, i.e. it floats in and out of the building, and consists of different elements – the so called layers – which have different features.
Layer 1: Landscape with hills as service cores which provide to users printing facilities, photo studio, conference room, cafeteria and storage space. Inside they provide close, intimate space. On top of the hills are lawn and some trees, providing relaxing area. The sides of hills are cliffs, where the working space begins.
Layer 2: ‘Curtain wall’ grid for creating meeting spaces and more private space among hills. The curtains – frontiers- are attached on a sky grid with a related structure to the hill shape.
Layer 3: Rentable mobile units which creating temporary working spaces with storage space.



Model photos

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